I really, really didn’t think I would ever get this episode out to you all. Like, really. 

First of all, it’s the result of a crossover with Billy & Erica, from Martinis and the Macabre, and I was so freaking fangirl-y the whole time that I wasn’t sure I’d say a thing that made sense.

Then, there’s the fact that I’m still crap at the whole sound editing thing, so this is the best I could do.

THEN, while I was in the process of trying to edit it in time to coincide with their release, my brain decided to explode. No, like, literally, I started feeling really, really unwell, so I made it up two flights of stairs just in time to let my husband know that I was feeling Really Gross, and I dropped with a grand mal seizure. 


So I can’t re-narrate any of my stuff, because I bit my tongue bad enough that, five days later, I still don’t have SSSS-sounds. Or a bunch of others. 

So. Please, please enjoy this. Please think it’s interesting. Because I like it, well enough to hit publish.

And, for more of the conversation you hear here, check out Martinis & the Macabre: Episode 36 — Richard Chasin’ Walkin’ Tacos.

Promos are for MAUL and for Based on a True Crime.

And keep peeking in on the #2PodsADay campaign.


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