And now we get down to it. This is what makes me happy: talking, occasionally inappropriately, about Mean People Doing Bad Things. Playing with the specificities of diagnosis. Including slang and pop culture references into a conversation that otherwise could almost pass as official.

Thank you, again and several more times, to Lee from Murder was the Case, for giving me a chance to play. Hoping there is a next time, and the sooner the better.

Shout-outs to Gen Why and Reveal for their different approaches to the case; this episode is already more than long enough, so knowing that there are other podcasters that have more than adequately addressed some angles lets me slide over big chunks of the narrative without worrying that important things are being left unsaid.

Promos from People Are Wild and True Crime Island. Of course you’re already listening to them both, obsessively, right?? Of course you are.

Scans of Holmes’ journal can be viewed here: (turns out that, yes, the whole thing is online).

Extra props to Emily for putting together scarily accurate episode art this week, despite final projects and high school graduation plans and general adultiness (she turned 18 nine days ago, yikes!).

Remember that you can get stickers, a shout-out, eternal fabulosity, etc, if you attend IMUNURI’s Boston show! (Because ohbytheway that’s my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!)

Overwhelming, general love and thanks to you all.

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