In my first episode, I was fortunate enough to share the story of a close friend, as well as that of another domestic violence survivor, in an effort to demonstrate why people might stay in a hurtful relationship and how lives can change based on one or two small decisions.

This time, I’m looking a bit more at the accumulation of experiences and culture and social expectations, and how those all build to create long-term, durable relationships that take belittlement and violence for granted. My guest in this episode has a long-term view and can describe the atmosphere better than I can, both at large and within the family… because she’s my grandmother. My mother appears in Episode 8, and now you’ll hear: my grandmother is pretty badass, too.

Promos from The Cult of Domesticity and All Crime No Cattle, plus my first-ever sponsor and happy to have them! Sudio Sweden: …ad by Jacob, code BLISS15.

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