She’s baaaack… 

Emily joined me again, this time to stay a bit less bizarre and discuss a mysterious double disappearance in the Panamanian rainforest. Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were Dutch women in their early 20s, starting an extended stay in Panama to study Spanish and do volunteer work. They left for what should have been a short walk in the woods, but never returned. 

It’s a case that has captured Emily’s attention, imagination, conspiracy-theory neurons, etc. So we chat about it, as well as the inevitable tangents such as how adding the word “cheese” to the end of any noun suddenly creates a really gross concept (don’t bother practicing it, we demonstrate it during the episode… a lot) and the concept of really huge, scary squirrels. Emily also creates a lovely motivational quote, which will be up on my merch site soon.

We get goofy at times, but we know that this is a real-world case and involves real-world pain. Our hearts ache for the Froon and Kremers families, the host family, and the rest of those hurt by the girls’ loss.

Promos from Florida Man Strikes Again and The Short Stories of Augie Peterson. Art, as always, by Emily, @UnapologeticArtist on Facebook or Sponsored by Sudio Sweden: …ad by Jacob, code BLISS15. 

For a better reporting of the known facts of the case, The Daily Beast has written a solid series, starting here

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