Podcasters are an interesting bunch, especially those in the true crime world. I think we’re often seen as cynical, sarcastic, potentially intrusive, thick-skinned, addicted to tragedy porn… but the truth is, we’re a creative, vulnerable, diverse, mostly well-intentioned group of people who feel just as driven to create as a painter or a sculptor. 

It’s easy for me to say, but it can be even easier to believe if you hear it from more than one person, so here you go: Justin from the Obscura true crime podcast agreed to chat with me about the process behind pressing that little “publish” button. I hope you find it as interesting and enlightening and hopeful as I did.

And never fear: we also discuss serial killers and mass shooters and generally dark subjects, as well, so you get both the darkness… and the hope. 

Promos from It’s Haunted and The Vocal Fries, support from Sudio (code BLISS15) and bathbybex.com (code CBDkate) for 15% off at each. Art, as always and amazingly, by Emily. Music by onlymeith.

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