I was so lucky, recently, to be able to go on a two-week adventure around the British Isles with my husband and two older kids.

I was extra-lucky to be able to stay a night in Dublin, during which Sinead, from the Mens Rea podcast, was gracious enough to show us a glimpse of the city, take us to dinner and a show, and spend a few hours with me… first recording this conversation, then hanging out at the PantiBar. Sinead hosts one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and she is fully aware of just how fabulous her voice is — almost as amazing as the rest of her.

So sit back and relax while Sinead and I (joined by Emily!) get riled up over the pedophile priest scandals on both sides of the Atlantic, ponder the existance of giraffes, narwhals and Oprah, and banter in a wildly inappropriate manner.

Which, if you’re into that sort of thing… there is probably about half an hour of inappropriate *and* irrelevant banter that I cut out, for the sake of time, but that I can’t bear to outright discard. It will be available on my Patreon feed within the next few days.


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