This episode is different for me, in several ways.

For one, it has not one, but two disclaimers. The first is done by Allyson from Dumb and Busted, and she did a lovely job. The second was my own compulsion, because the episode goes into much more graphic and specific details of a serial rapist and murderer’s crimes than I typically include.

For another, about half of it is scripted, and I never script anymore. It stresses me out. But I was helped — and this is the next big exciting difference — by the incomparable Roseanne, from Killafornia Dreaming. She wrote the first half, and I mostly stuck to it without getting distracted or perfectionistic!

The second half is where we go entirely off-script, and we land in places that are both familiar and completely unexpected.

Buckle in, kids. It’s a wild ride.

Promos by Murderous Minors: Killer Kids and Mirths & Monsters.

The Flickr album containing unidentified subjects in photos from Alcala’s storage locker is:

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