April 17, 1975 – October 20, 1992

A life ended. Uncountable others changed. This episode has murder, obsession, borderline personality disorder, a truly screwy court case, and a reminder that knives in schools aren’t all that weird in upstate New York.


April 17, 1975 – October 20, 1992

David Scott Eccleston. Scotty, to his family, but Dave in school. He was athletic, artistic, and outgoing. He was looking forward to college, having already earned a scholarship before the first semester of high school was over.

Then he was dead, and the circus that followed his murder completely overshadowed his life.

He mattered, but aside from the things I know, from my friends and the grapevine that stretched the 45 minutes or so from New Berlin to my hometown, it is nearly impossible to fill out more of the blanks in his life. So even in this episode, his life is lost in the haze of rumor and assumption and violence.

But he mattered. Please remember him.






So many thanks to Heather, from Nature Vs Narcissism and Status: Pending, for her help in keeping me focused during this episode. No small feat.

Disclaimer: Jami, from Murderish

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