Well, lookit that. 100,000 downloads?? And at least some of those must be on purpose… right? Right.

As I watched the downloads accumulate, I started collecting “Ask Me Anything” type questions, and… boy, did you.

So, get ready. And remember, this time, you — literally — asked for it.

Disclaimer: Ashlie

Promos: Corpus Delicti and Our True Crime Podcast

Shoutouts: Martinis and the MacabreSerialCriminalMinds of MadnessNature vs NarcissismMAULAugie PetersonObsuraTargetedAll Crime No CattleBlood on the RocksMens ReaPeople Are WildHoosier HomicideGo PostalSometimes GeekRedrum BlondeOur True Crime PodcastTrue Crime IslandDark DivideTrace EvidenceThe True Crime EnthusiastWives TalesCult of DomesticityWining About Crime, Dani, Sparky, Laura, Tosha, Louisa, Shannon…

Sponsor: Bath By Bex (CBDkate for 15% off)

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