So you’ve found yourself on death row. You’re guilty, both factually so and legally convicted. You’re just waiting on your date, and you’ll be done. But wait, there’s one last step…

Nicki T, from Strictly Homicide, joined me to talk through a case as disturbing for its lack of information as for its legal process. And, as we have all come to expect, some serious meandering from topic, because why not??

Disclaimer: Mariticide
Promos: Crime in Movies and Nordic True Crime
Sponsor: Bath By Bex

Coming soon: A new, more focused (and potentially much angrier) podcast looking at the experiences in an us/them society. First up… gender. If it continues to come together as planned, then the trailer will be available on 9 October 2018. I’ll be joined by Karla from the Go Postal podcast. Wish us luck…

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