Podcasters are just one big, happy, cheerful, supportive family… right?

Well… no. Mostly, but like any big family, there are always a few particularly fun ones.

I have had the privilege of getting to know a pretty sizeable pile of them, and the vast majority are genuinely fantastic people. I am honored to call them friends, I look forward to getting to check in with them through the day and getting to know them, both through and outside their work.

And in the moments when I come across those I find less positive and happymaking, I remind myself of that majority.

Helping me to do so this time is Justin, from The Peripheral and Generation Why. He’s been around for a minute or two, and he knows a few things.

Disclaimer: Minna from True Crime Finland
Promos: Mugshot and Vodka and Ghosts
Sponsor: Bath By Bex

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