Before you listen to this episode, go over to We Too podcast and listen to episode 3 (Dryer). That tells the backstory of what you’re about to hear… which is the bigger, and smaller, picture of why even brief interactions can build into a whole new podcast.

And if you just refuse to listen to instructions, then go listen to it after, because it’s kind of a big deal.

Thank you so much to @tragedythyme, Sara, for having the courage to share her story, even when it felt insignificant, then even when it blew up. And to Karla, for having the courage to start a podcast with me.

Disclaimer: Sarah, from Good Nightmare
Promos: MAUL and Seeing Red
Sponsor: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off)

2 thoughts on “060 — I Want to Not Get Raped Under an Appliance

  1. Can I get a link to your other podcast Me too? I have been binging this podcast and really want to hear the back story of “the dryer”. Thank you


    1. It’s no longer hosted on a regular feed, but it’s available (for free, not behind a paywall) on my Patreon site at — there are other episodes behind the paywall there but the We Too episodes are all freely available.


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