‘Tis the season for torture and rape….

Buckle in, kids, it’s a wild ride. When you let me go play with one of my very favorite podcasting couples (Erica and Billy from Martinis and the Macabre), and it’s Erica’s birthday, and I’m feeling goofy even before the alcohol starts… well…

Besides, we needed a little lubrication to be able to cope with the subject matter (serial killer Bob Berdella). Please hear me when I say: LISTEN TO THE DISCLAIMER. Maybe twice. Whooo.

Disclaimer: Danielle, from Hoosier Homicide 
Promos: True Crime Finland and Chewed Gum 
Sponsors: Sudio Sweden (code IWB for 15% off) and Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off) 
Merch: bit.ly/iwbpodcastmerch

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