Go listen to everything Kim has ever published. Twice. Srsly. People Are Wild!!

Also, here’s everyone else taking part in Operation Switcheroo. Thanks again to Moxie, from Your Brain on Facts, for putting it all together!

A Podcast About Something

Alphabet Flight

American Slacker Podcast

Based on a True Story

BassCaster Bros.

BAYK Podcast


Burst Your Bubble

Conspiracy Theoryology

Curio Podcast

Cutting Class Podcast

Decomposition Podcast

Do You Even Podcast?

Dumb and Busted

Fan Theory World

Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Florida Men

Forgotten News Podcast

Furballs & Dogbones


Guess What You’re Gonna Hate?

Historical Blindness

Ignorance Was Bliss

Just the Tips: A Menmoir

Myopia: Defend Your Childhood


Nature vs Narcissism

Odd Dad Out

Paradise After Dark Podcast

Pass Podcast

People Are Wild

Rolling Misadventures

Self Shoots the Sh!t

Sip & Shine Podcast

Stories of Yore and Yours

Terrible Book Club

Terror InPodnito

The Cinema Guys

The Fire-Rescue Show

The Presidencies of the United States

The Short Stories of Augie Peterson

The Story Behind

The VCR Kids

The Vocal Fries

Trivia Geeks Live

Turn Of Phrases

Useless Information Podcast

Your Brain On Facts

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