The last time I talked about Sheila LaBarre, it was Episode 27, with the Voice of the Victim podcast. This time, it’s a different style , with a lot more walruses.

Tara and Barney are so smart and so great, and I have no idea why they put up with me. Mostly sustained groveling, I think.

From the Bloody Murder show notes:
Diagnosed as acutely delusional and sadistic, rabbit-lovingSheila LaBarre murdered at least two of her boyfriends, Michael Deloge and Kenneth Countie, on her remote farm in Epping, New Hampshire. She said she had died of a drug overdose and was sent back to Earth as an angel with special powers here to seek vengeance on paedophiles. The problem was that her victims were not paedophiles. She would seduce slightly built, transient men, move them into her house and completely dominate their lives. Then she would torture them into confessing to being paedophiles on tape, before killing them and burning their remains.


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