There’s nothing about cancer that’s OK. But the story behind it is just amazing.

Guest: Jamie

Disclaimer: Kristen
Promos: Pomegranates and Pitchforks and Parent Quest
Artwork: Emily — UnapologeticArtist

Network: Himalaya (presented by Heather, Sunshine & PowerCuts)
Facebook group: The Asylum
Sponsor: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off)
Music: DFA by OnlyMeith

2 thoughts on “177 — How Much Cancer Do We Have? — with Jamie

  1. Your podcast was inspirational. So grateful. The artwork insulting and needs to be changed or taken down. Its huttfull as you represent one of the most brilliant and beautiful people in this world as ugly. That said Id like to tell the after story. So many miss her bun no one as much as I.


    1. I’m sorry you don’t like the artwork, the pottery is a still life that my daughter painted and Jamie chose it.

      The logo for the podcast as a whole is the woman at the ocean, that’s not for any one episode in particular and is also designed by my daughter. It’s not intended to make anything look ugly, more as a reminder that there are stories we can’t see, just beneath the surface.

      Jamie was such a fantastic person and I’m delighted that you were able to make her as happy as you did. I’d be happy to host you anytime — right now I don’t have a studio because we’re remodeling that part of the basement, but I should be able to record again within a few more weeks. Email me at and we can set up a time to chat.

      Be well. I’m sitting with you in the dark.


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