Any good story has a basis in reality. Especially a love story.


Guest: Eddie Louise, Sage & Savant


Disclaimer: Alix, Pomegranates and Pitchforks

Promos: A 9th World Journal and Moonbase Theta, Out

Artwork: Erin Schwartz


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Most Innovative — Ear Hustle ….. True Crime — Disgraceland ….. Sports — Fish Nerds ….. Interview Style — holy crap that’s me ….. History — The Story Behind ….. Kids & Family — Mirths & Monsters or Varmints ….. TV & Movies — Epic Film Guys ….. Fiction/Audio Drama — Girl in Space ….. Arts — Oh No! Lit Class ….. Health & Fitness — Hate to Weight ….. People’s Choice — Dark Poutine


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Music: DFA by OnlyMeith

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