A primer on the concepts of non-binary, gender identity, and what it means to remain mammarily intact.

Guest: Megan, Oh No! Lit Class and Rolling Misadventures


Disclaimer: Richard, Dungeon Digressions

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One thought on “241 — Pronouns — nonbinary and gender identity — with Megan from ONLC and RM

  1. I’ve read about known about, and for years have had friends that are genderqueer, enby or trans at various stages of transition – and yet this conversation resonated in me in a way that it never really has before. I strongly recognise the gatekeeping in the queer community, and the feelings as someone in a straight-passing longterm (half my lifetime, my whole adult life) relationship, constantly questioning myself – am I gay enough to be here? Am I *allowed* to be here? Am I taking up the space of someone with more ‘right’ to this?

    …As a teenager I remember describing myself as a homosexual man in a woman’s body. Later (still?) I had to confront a lot of internalised misogyny and so embraced the label of ‘woman’, and recognised that – actually women and femininity in general is a very attractive thing, even if I personally rarely presented in a traditionally feminine way. And if I keep making statements like ‘everyone falls somewhere on the sexuality spectrum and is to a greater or lesser degree bi’, I should reeeally, maybe, I dunno, consider my own place on that spectrum? How about it, teenage me?

    Now… I don’t know. It’s all a spectrum, everything. I’ve embraced ‘queer’. But I’ve not really thought about my gender in a very long time. Guess I’m still a teenager at heart…
    Food for thought, for sure.

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