Maura Murray’s loss is an ongoing mystery in New England and throughout the Internet. The hosts of 107 Degrees — a podcast dedicated to her disappearance, investigation and theories — join me to talk about Maura, true crime, and our need to find explanations for just about everything.

Guests: Erinn & EthanMaura Murray (107 Degrees) Podcast


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Music: Jake Pierle


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3 thoughts on “333 — Assign Incredible Meaning to Mundane Things — with Erinn and Ethan from 107 Degrees Podcast

    1. You’re right, I misspoke. I’d intended to say 120 but got the numbers jumbled in between brain and mouth in the moment.

      (It’s just over 90 miles, to be specific.)


  1. Mja Inc Investigations : This Podcast was just awesome..We have the highest Respect for Erinn..Mja is a Volunteer search group working on Miss Murrays Case since November 2005..Mja was started on 6-1-2001 for 3 years earlier we had a Family Member Murdered..We are not Armchair Detectives for many of our staff members are educated to do this type of work..I worked for 11 years Undercover on the streets for several Law-Enforcement Agencies..Mja has a documented Pedigree concerning several of our Cases..We are disappointed in our Group because of the success we have shared hasnt came to Miss Murrays Case or Miss Maitlands Case..But listening to the thoughts being thrown around on this episode that settled into me that our Case & Suspect Profile might have some Merrit..For what ever reason while listening Bells were going off & your a Professional & some of the mindset rang so true of what I have been thinking..But I have this trust that there is still Evidence to be found concerning a Suspect in this Case..I still trust that during one of these searches there will be Evidence found that we will know for a fact thats linked to her..In my experience it happens all the time & its time for that to happen concerning Miss Murray & Miss Maitland..


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