There’s a meme that shows a kid sitting next to a poster of a group eating ice cream, as though the kid is part of the group, with a caption of, “how it feels to listen to podcasts.” I can confirm, it’s the same for podcasters. Sometimes we find a show and the first thought is, “I need to be best friends with these people, immediately.”

Guest: Rachel and David, All Bad Things podcast


Intro/outro: Ted Panczyszyn
Disclaimer: Jessica, Asian Madness podcast
Art: Brad
Music: Jake Pierle


Facebook group: The Asylum
Discord server: Ignorance Was Bliss Satellite Campus

TikTok (@iwbpodcast): Podcast Checklist
Sponsor: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off)
Sponsor: InsPrana Yoga (code IWB25OFF for 25% off your first session)

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