Wherein authors and creators sit around talking about TERFs, ASMR, hypnosis, Salem, crime and the… War on Drugs? It’s a ride.

Guest: Bitter Karella, author of The Midnight Society on Twitter, podcaster at A Special Presentation, or Alf Will Not Be Seen Tonight, and comics/games at bitterkarella.itch.io/

Promo: Play Comics
Disclaimer: Jen Keefe, Real Women’s Work podcast
Art: Quin
Music: Jake Pierlehttps://jakepierle.bandcamp.com/

Ignorance Was Bliss online: https://linktr.ee/iwbpodcast

Sponsor: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off)
Sponsor: InsPrana Yoga (code IWB25OFF for 25% off your first session)

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