143 — Access to the Abyss — with Skye Borgman from Abducted in Plain Sight

When kids are hurt and families are messed up, we like to point fingers. Even when we shouldn’t.

Guest: Skye Borgman, Abducted in Plain Sight

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001 — Playing With Fire — domestic abuse, Francine Hughes, Burning Bed

Who escapes, and how, when the prison walls are invisible, and no physical keys exist to unlock the doors?

Domestic violence is an uncomfortable, scary topic. For my first episode, I focused on the survivor’s story, because my friend was brave and generous enough to share her story. Later on, I’ll spend a little time inside an abuser’s head.

For now, though, listen to the stories of two smart, capable women, but be warned: it’s not as unfathomable to end up in this type of hell as you might imagine. Are you sure you want to know?

Remember… sometimes, Ignorance Was Bliss.