127 — Murderbirds from Outer Space — with Suzy from The Casual Birder

Birdwatching — and listening — is something we do more than we realize. And it matters, on several levels: we can connect with nature, we can unplug, we can avoid violent crimes, we can observe aliens…

Guest: Suzy, from The Casual Birder podcast
Intro/Outro: CK, from Mirths and Monsters
Disclaimer: Mel in Orygun
Promos: AnxZenIty and Oh No! Lit Class

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Music: DFA by OnlyMeith
Artwork: Tim Bertelink

124 — Colorblind — eating disorders — with Tawny from The Dirty Bits

Eating disorders aren’t about eating. They’re not a choice. They’re not an addiction. They’re all of the above.

Tawny (The Dirty Bits podcast) is a warrior and a rockstar, and someday she might believe me when I say that.

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123 — Podfade — with Derek from Rolling Misadventures

NOTE: This is Exhibit 1 in the case for Kate Has Amazing Friends. I’m awaiting oral surgery and can’t speak clearly, so podcasters around the world are stepping up to help me introduce (and outroduce!) my episodes. How great are they?? Start by listening and subscribing to Derek’s show, Rolling Misadventures. More to come…

I’ve talked before, and will again, about how to decide when it’s time to start a podcast. But what about when it’s time to end one?

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