127 — Murderbirds from Outer Space — with Suzy from The Casual Birder

Birdwatching — and listening — is something we do more than we realize. And it matters, on several levels: we can connect with nature, we can unplug, we can avoid violent crimes, we can observe aliens…

Guest: Suzy, from The Casual Birder podcast
Intro/Outro: CK, from Mirths and Monsters
Disclaimer: Mel in Orygun
Promos: AnxZenIty and Oh No! Lit Class

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Music: DFA by OnlyMeith
Artwork: Tim Bertelink

124 — Colorblind — eating disorders — with Tawny from The Dirty Bits

Eating disorders aren’t about eating. They’re not a choice. They’re not an addiction. They’re all of the above.

Tawny (The Dirty Bits podcast) is a warrior and a rockstar, and someday she might believe me when I say that.

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