You know that thing where you try to make sense of a topic, and it simply refuses to click?

I have that about certain corners of the internet, specifically the weird ones where creepypasta, ARGs and Cursed Images are formed. 

I also have that about teenagers.

So what better way to try to make sense of it all than to combine those things, by asking my 17-year-old daughter to join me and explain her mysterious online life?? I’m not sure I succeed in applying rational thought to much here, but I manage to sneak in a word about the Slenderman assault in Wisconsin, and groupthink, and even the Salem Witch Hysteria. 

I feel a little… mush-brained… after editing this one, but I hope it makes sense to one or two of you out there. There are bigger, more organized things are in the works, but I didn’t want you to have to wait for those things.


Promos this week from Martinis and the Macabre and Best Forevers.

Links as referenced in episode:

Night Mind channel:

Nightmare Expo Channel:

The Wyoming Incident: Supposed original tv broadcast hijacking footage:

The Wyoming Incident Explained:

The Human Pet Explained:

Marble Hornets full original series:

AlanTutorial Explained:

Mushroomland Explained:

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