In the world of true crime, we’re often fascinated more by some cases than others. Courtney joined me to talk about one that has appalled me for a very long time…

Danny Rolling, media-nicknamed the “Gainesville Ripper” after a series of horrific crimes in August 1990, was just a bad dude. But he had some latent talents that could have pulled his entire life in a different direction.

Guest: Courtney, The Cult of Domesticity
Disclaimer: Amy G
Promos: Livestream For The Cure and That’s Weird

Network: Himalaya (presented by Heather, Sunshine & PowerCuts)
Facebook group: The Asylum
Sponsors: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off)
Music: DFA by OnlyMeith
Artwork: Emily — UnapologeticArtist

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