What, exactly, does one discuss with a future World Record Holder?

Guest: Scottye Moore — aloadofpurebs.com/

Disclaimer: Isaiah, The Bird Brain Podcast
Promo: The Critshow

Art: Darkwolf Creative

Facebook group: The Asylumhttps://bit.ly/iwbasylum
Music: Jake Pierlehttps://jakepierle.bandcamp.com/

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2 thoughts on “273 — Podchastity — with Future World Record Holder Scottye Moore

  1. Okay, starting to get used to/no longer be surprised the new theme, now 😂

    It’s really interesting to listen back to 2020 3 years on. Sure as hell couldn’t appreciate it at the time. To say it was overwhelming may just be an understatement.


    1. For real. I went through the phases of “don’t mention it” to “keep it vague” to “add a disclaimer” to “screw it, this is just the new normal.”


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