In honor of International Women’s Day… what do we actually want, anyway? It’s both simple and not-easy.


Guest: Verity, Scary Stories podcast


Disclaimer: Zena, My Heart Remembers

Promo: Fresh Hell podcast


Artwork: Tosha Crow

Facebook group: The Asylum


Sponsor: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off), BetterHelp online therapy at




Music: DFA by OnlyMeith

3 thoughts on “240 — How Much of Myself Do I Show? — with Verity from Scary Stories

  1. This episode, and the previous one, were absolutely delightful. Thought provoking, recognisable and insightful. Brilliant. Thank you!

    N.B. My brain didn’t like that episode 236 wouldn’t play, so I took a break from IWB to catch up on a few other podcasts. But I’m back to binging now and instantly hooked again!
    (238 wouldn’t play either – not sure if it’s a case of taking them down for whatever reason or if there’s an issue, but letting you know just in case it’s in error).


    1. How odd, I can get 236 and 238 to play on a couple of different podcatchers. Technology is bizarre.

      But anyway, thank you so much. Verity is wonderful and I adore her.


      1. Oh I just double-checked, you’re right, 236 isn’t operable on some podcatchers. The guest got in some legal trouble and a few hosts refused to play his episodes.


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